eVer True – Print

A giclee print, also called a fine art print, is the closest duplication of an artwork that is physically possible. also referred to as “archival print” or “museum-grade printing.”

A true giclee print will use pigment-based inks, archival material and a wide format printer that can hold up to 12 colours. Highly certified, premium quality paper, made in France from       100% cotton (5-star rating). The Canson Photographique rag has a beautiful smooth, matte finish perfect for artwork.

Print includes a 50mm border, which is hand embossed with original signature.

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Edition of 75.


AUD $150.00AUD $500.00



Growing out of the grain in the wood, a parade of poppies presents themselves.

We embody a vast array of cultural significance to flowers.

We use them to symbolise,
so much that words cannot express.
We embody them with values
of truth, beauty and wholeness,
or soul-ness.

That represents the ultimate good.



unfurling flowers

“In the woods… all mean egotism vanishes; I become a transparent eye ball.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My aim as an artist is to convey an ultra-awareness that is beyond seeing with the eyes only. I aim to render the extraordinary so that we feel awe.

I am obsessed with the beauty of nature. A True lover of Biophilia. I work as an artist in order to share my vision with You, and as much of the world as possible! My work is to translate into a tangible format, a vision of unity in the natural world. I do this so that we can be awakened to the astounding beauty of flowers, that surround us, everywhere we go.

The aim of my work is to magnify the beauty of the flowering world and bring it to life so that it may be seen in a new context. Flowers embody cultural significance. They symbolise what words just cannot express. In their innate wisdom blossoms the timeless 'ever true' universal language. In the ancient Vedic tradition, the chakras are visualised as flowers. They are treated as part of the continuum from the physical to the metaphysical. The flowering stage has a particular effect on the human mind. For me, this practice of meditating on visualisation, supports the intention for a suspended calm to transcend the image.

I grew up in the magic of the Blue Mountains, where the Kookaburras woke us up and the untamed bush defined our character. I now live between the dramatic cliffs of Bondi and Bronte beaches. A suspended landscape that undulates, twists and turns and leaves you forever captivated. As Rene Descartes said, “wonder is the greatest of passions,” and my life’s work is to celebrate this wonder.