"wonder is
the greatest of passions"

Welcome to my studio gallery

Meghan Byrne grew up in the untamed bush of the Blue Mountains. She now lives between the dramatic cliffs of Bondi and Bronte beaches. Rene Descartes said, “Wonder is the greatest of passions,” and Meghan’s life’s work is to celebrate this natural wonder. Meghan works with an intent to render and magnify biophilia, so we feel the awe and majesty of the natural world.

Cultivated with a Bachelor of Design degree at COFA/UNSW, majoring in textiles, Meghan uses pattern and the basic elements of design to form a dynamic image. Meghan also completed a Bachelor of Art Education at COFA/UNSW expanding her depth of art knowledge. Having worked for many years in the infamous ‘Signature Prints’ fabric house of Florence Broadhurst, she saw first-hand the powerful and striking beauty of pattern.